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Chinese enterprises have to face the new international toy standards

In recent years, in a number of countries competing to raise standards, foreign technical barriers to trade increased in the context of China's toy exports threshold is increasing.

On 1 April, Turkey imposed a new toy safety law. The regulations are almost entirely "the most stringent in the history of the EU toy safety directive 2009/48 / EC, and the introduction of the EU directives and standards in recent years, new content, manufacturers, distributors and other industrial chain members at all levels of obligations Detailed specification. For example, the manufacturer must provide a declaration of conformity to the toy placed in the Turkish market, forcibly affix the CE mark, and to fulfill the responsibility of recalling the recall after failing to find the unqualified 10 years after the listing of the toy.

At the 121st session of the Canton Fair, talked about the implementation of Turkey's new toy regulations, Weihai Tiger Toys Co., Ltd. International Sales Sales Agent Guo Yang told the International Business Daily reporter: "International toy testing standards constantly updated and refined is a Big trend. "It is understood that the company's simulation plush toys sold to Turkey. "Through the export of toys testing also shows that the quality of Tiger toys is clearance." Guo Yang said confidently.

Coincidentally, the new standard US toy ASTIMF963-16 on April 30 officially entered into force. The new standard in general more stringent, such as mechanical and physical, kinetic energy monitoring more detailed and more stringent; in the electric toy, the new standard on the rechargeable battery requirements are very strict, longer testing time, the corresponding increase in the cost of a lot. China's toy export enterprises, do not meet the above criteria also means that toys can not enter the US city often

Guo Yang said that the future is expected to introduce new standards of toys in Europe and the United States will be more stringent. The main products include tiger, leopard, lion, dog, deer, horse, bear,

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